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Reward Points

We pay you to shop!

Earn FREE Merchandise

When you shop at MillerHome, we quite literally pay you to shop! When you shop here, you earn 3% on all and any merchandise that you purchase. Basically, each reward point is worth $1 and can therefore be deducted from the sale price. Because of these rewards points, people can and actually have walked out of MillerHome doors with merchandise for FREE! You even earn points just for registering for the rewards program. Plus, these points don’t expire, but rather are saved and then accumulate over time for a larger purchase if you’d like. With this rewards program, we like to say that we pay you to shop MillerHome.

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FREE Finishing Touches

While earning rewards points on every purchase with us, you can make your home your way with free finishing touches! We always want to help you create a home that warms the heart and showcases your style, so we offer unique accessories that allow you to take the canvas of your home and make your dreams come to life while reflecting your individuality. With the rewards points you earn on every purchase, you can use them for FREE finishing touches to truly make your home your way. Contact us today to register!