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Our Team

Miller Brothers Furniture - Falls Creek

Picture of Pam Miller
Pam Miller
Picture of Janice Vizza
Janice Vizza
Assistant General Manager
Picture of Neil Shindledecker
Neil Shindledecker
Director of Marketing
Picture of Beth Exley
Beth Exley
Purchasing Manager
Picture of Kim Dunkel
Kim Dunkel
Store Manager
Picture of Val Burkett
Val Burkett
Sales Associate
Picture of Bob Pannone
Bob Pannone
Flooring Specialist
Picture of Ken Carpenter
Ken Carpenter
Flooring Assistant
Picture of Marcy Meholick
Marcy Meholick
Design Coordinator
Picture of Abby Junod
Abby Junod
Sales Associate
Picture of Christin Adams
Christin Adams
Sales Associate
Picture of Tiffany Popson
Tiffany Popson
Sales Associate
Picture of Bobbi Smith
Bobbi Smith
Sales Associate

Miller Brothers Furniture - Punxsutawney

Picture of Sharan Stahlman
Sharan Stahlman
Sales Associate
Picture of Sherry Phillips
Sherry Phillips
Sales Associate
Picture of Josh Skaggs
Josh Skaggs
Sales Associate

By The Room Furniture - DuBois

Rhonda Schrecengost
Rhonda Schrecengost
Store Manager
Picture of Valerie
Valerie Dunham
Sales Associate
Picture of Sandy Fink Barrett
Sandy Fink Barrett
Sales Associate
Picture of Elyse Diehl
Elyse Diehl
Sales Associate
Picture of Angie Clark
Angie Clark
Picture of Cathy Fyock
Cathy Fyock

Distribution Center - DuBois

Picture of Ernie Kunselman
Ernie Kunselman
Warehouse Manager
Picture of Ann Burkett
Ann Burkett
Office Advisor
Picture of Randy Phillips
Randy Phillips
Delivery Manager
Picture of Chelle Blankenship
Chelle Blankenship
Purchasing Assistant
Picture of Jeana Walborn
Jeana Walborn
Service Assistant
Picture of Lisa Park
Lisa Park
Service Assistant
Picture of Mike Cook
Mike Cook
Delivery Driver
Picture of Jack Garred
Jack Garred
Delivery Driver
Picture of Harold Craft
Harold Craft
Warehouse Assistant